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Properties Serviced:

Urban gardens small/large

Rural gardens/small farms 



Mono/Polyculture Farms

Tree Plantations

Clear Cut/Timber Property

Services Provided

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Permaculture design

Consult, design and develop agricultural systems that replicate natural ecosystems intended to be self-sufficient and sustainable. Educating how to grow their own food and medicine without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides/herbicides/fungicides.  Design is created according to natural elements and property owner long-term goals.


Reforestation services

Land assessment, design and implementation of native species and long term planning for previously clear-cut property or monoculture tree plantations.


Invasive species

Identification, remediation, long term solutions.



Orchards, hedges, general care.

Nursery Connection.png

Nursery connection

Sourcing local nurseries or local extraction programs to source native species for diversification.



Design and implementation of

in-ground and raised beds, hugelkulter, composting, vermicompost, natural building materials, irrigation, pest/disease remediation, companion planting, succession planting, etc. 

On-site permaculture property assessment

(Price varies for size of parcel)

  • Sun exposure (winter/summer)

  • Native/invasive species identification

  • Natural elements survey: wind, water, power, microclimates, etc.

  • Aerial imaging

  • Zones

  • Irrigation and fluid dynamics

Once an assessment has been completed a personalized plan is created to encompass all client’s needs/wants.

Tomatillo Plant

Example A: Client owns ~5acres in Southern Utah. Homesite established and flood irrigation system intact.

Property owner wants to incorporate a food forest and orchard, multiple yurts for workers to come and stay, living fences, and aquaculture ponds. Main focus is to create a microclimate 10 degrees cooler than the surrounding landscape and capture as much water as possible due to property location.


Samsara planted 1,000 trees in 2021 with the help of our local community!!

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