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I am Sam and I am the creator of

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which (in Sanskrit) simply means "world", but is also the concept of rebirth and "cyclicality of all life, matter, and existence." 

As a wild garden and food forest designer, my focus is to feed the ENTIRE system, not just the humans occupying the land. This means every creature, microorganism, fungi, mycelial network, protist, and plant from below the soil to the canopy.  Our current modern agriculture and gardening techniques completely ignore nature and must be synthetically fed with chemical fertilizers and pesticides to trick the system. As a result, our lands are experiencing desertification, contamination, pollution, and wildlife extinction, but this story is not yet finished.  The natural world will rebuild itself when the poisoning discontinues and biodiversity is encouraged. With a bit of education and rewiring of "the way it has always been done", you can rebuild your outdoor spaces to feed the entire system, and in turn, yourselves. That is where Samsara comes in.


So, how does one begin to turn this all around? Well, we go back to nature. Natural biodiverse ecosystems can teach us everything we need to know if we choose to listen and learn.

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What is a food forest?

In our modern system, food insecurity is growing greater by the day. Creating a food forest suited to your growing zone is an easy long term solution to ensure food security and ecosystem biodiversity. Think Willy Wonka’s edible landscape without all the candy.


Your outdoor space can go from a stark landscape that has been mowed and sprayed for decades...

292858638_10166355419265408_4157952684265003748_n.jpg a biodiverse wild garden!

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